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Gateway to Positive Life, Love and Happiness, Meditation, Self-Enquiry, True Spirituality and Knowledge of the Self from Great Sages and Scriptures. No Ads. No Money. Just your Happiness and Peace of Mind. 

It is a Gateway to Several Sites that provide superb knowledge and practical techniques in several areas of interest that are crucial to live a Fulfilling Life.

Some of them Inspire and Motivate to have Positive Attitudes and Right Outlook in Life. Some provide Practical Techniques for Productivity and Self-Improvement.  Some offer Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for good physical and mental health. And some uplift and entertain with a variety of Melodious Music.

Scan through all the Menu Items here. Visit the Sites shown here. Connect with the Social Media Sites. Watch the Videos. Listen to the Teachings. Ponder over them. You will find them very useful to you! Gradually you will feel calmness and happiness unfolding within you. And the more you learn and practice, the happier and peaceful you will be.

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Mission 1 / Inspiration

Everything we think, say or do is only for Happiness. But the paths we follow, or the concepts we have, or the things we do to get Happiness may not be the right ones. To refresh the mind, inspire, invigorate, give it focus, so that it has room to be happy and peaceful is one of the main missions here.


Mission 2 / Motivation

Self-Motivation is difficult for most of us. Lack of motivation leads to all the negative qualities associated with it - depression, lethargy, inertia, hate, pessimism, lack of self-respect and self-confidence and so on. To motivate, energize, light up, spark, kindle and recharge the mind is also one of the main missions here.

Quest 2

Mission 3 / Self-Improvement

If the mind is not healthy, it will lose its luster and brightness, and can also lead to physical illnesses.  To fix this, first we have to learn the right Mental Attitudes and Positive Thinking. Secondly, one has to do Mental Aerobics - Breathing, Meditation and Self-Enquiry. This too is one important main mission here.

Main Message

Life flows.  Things happen.  People come together and go apart. If we flow with life, happenings and people, we can live a fulfilled, happy, peaceful life.

But when we get stuck somewhere with one thing or another, we cannot be free and happy.

When we are born, we don't come with a User Manual about life. So sometimes, we need help and guidance, ideas and suggestions, advice and counsel from other people.

Whether we are kids or teenagers growing up, or we are grownups striving to handle the challenges of life, its excitements and disappointments, successes and failures, pains and pleasures, we sometimes need help and guidance.

That is what you will get here. Not just hollow words, but genuine information from me, based on the Teachings of Great Ones and my life experiences.

Cheer up! Wake up! Everything will be fine...yes... even that one!


Vasu  ~  (Vasundhara)



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Next Step...1.

Make use of my websites. I designed and developed them only for you. They contain the Amazing Guidance for Living a Happy, Fulfilled Peaceful Life, for Meditation and Self-Enquiry that contribute to all of this.

Next Step...2.

Make use of my Videos. I produced them only for you. They contain Great Practical Guidance covering every aspect of you Life : Happiness, Handling Life's Challenges, Inner Quest consisting of Meditation and Self-Enquiry to calm, control and strengthen your mind.